2017 Booking In

2017 Zenoah Challenge Cup online registration is now open so get booking to this fun indoor large scale off road event.

Before clicking here to reserve your place please read the words below as a number of changes have had to be introduced for the 2016 event.

The Zenoah Challenge Cup team


The 2017 event will once again be held at the Norton Heath Equestrian Centre Essex on the 3,4 and 5 February is now open.

Get the dates in your calendar, the centre will be open from the afternoon of the 4th February for camping with event set up after 6pm on the Thursday evening. Those wishing to say over to Monday are also welcome by the centre owner.

Big thanks once again to Zenoah for supporting us and the events committee welcomes any other parties who wish to support this event to contact them via info@zenoahchallengecup.info


The 2017 race fees remain at 2016 prices and are :-

1 Car, 1 Days race entry £20

1 Car, 2 Days race entry £40

1 Car, 3 Days race entry £55

2 Cars, 1 Days race entry £30

2 Cars, 2 Days race entry £55

2 Cars, 3 Days race entry £75


For father and son (Junior <16) combinations and junior (Junior<16) race entry then please email the organisers


2017 registration follows the 2016 process where a payment (non refundable) will be needed to guarantee your race entry, this can either be £15 per class raced or your full entry fee. Until a payment is made you will be on the events reserve list and may not be guaranteed an entry, secondly there will be no handouts available again. If you wish to have your laps recorded then please ensure you come along with a compatible transponder to our system (details on website). Finally for 2017 can all racers please ensure they bring a suitable body to cover their race vehicle, no open bodied vehicles will be allowed to run.

If the deposit is paid then the balance of the race fee can be paid in advance via PayPal or when you book in at Norton Heath in £ or €
For those who have not experienced a Zenoah Challenge Cup before the event time table is anticipated to be along the lines of :-
Thursday 2nd February
18:00 – track build and set-up

Friday 3rd February
08:30 until 11:30 – Booking in, Café area
12:00 – 12:30 – Welcome & drivers briefing
13.00 until 18:30 – Time practice heats with 1011 vehicles out at a time and alternating every 10 minutes

Saturday 4th February
08:00 until 08:30 – Booking in, Café area
09:30 until 18:30 — Four rounds of timed qualification heats

Sunday 5th February
09.30 until 16:30 — Finals
16:30 – 17:30 – track breakdown
17:30 to 18:00 — Trophies.

The Zenoah challenge cup organisers wish to make those aware that if you plan on entering two vehicles it is your responsibility to ensure you are on time for your heat and have your marshal posts covered since the organisers can not guarantee you a gap between your heats.
Also if you are planning on participating in the event for 1 day then the organisers recommend you attend on either Friday (Practice), Saturday (Qualification) as Sunday is likely to be finals day only.

If you are attending the event then please spread the word and encourage your friends and families to come along to give you moral support.

The race organisers look forward to seeing you at Norton Heath in February and watch out for further details as we count down to the 2017 Zenoah Challenge Cup.

The Zenoah Challenge Cup Team