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What can I win?

Zenoah challenge cupNo matter which class you race, and assuming there are more than 6 vehicles in that class the top 5 drivers will win a trophy and the winning 2 wheel drive class driver the Challenge Cup Shield kindly sponsored by RossMods.
The top 3 drivers in the B and C finals will also take home some silverware for each class
The highest junior (under 16 on 7th Feb) per class

Drivers over the weekend will also be categorised by their know performance into two groups “National” and “Clubman” racers. Uk national drivers will be those drivers identified in the 2014 BRCA rankings (linked HERE ) and over seas drivers on your EFRA, club, national, and practice\heat performance. The purpose for these two groups is that the highest Clubman racer in their class will be rewarded with some silverware and an engine donated by Zenoah. The runner up in each Clubman class will also be rewarded by an engine too – Not bad for your entrance fee !!

A raffle will also be run during the event which will be drawn at the end of the meeting which will be supported by RossMods, AAA, Freeprawn Racing, N-R-P, HPI Racing, RN tuning, Grafil bodies, PG Racing, Zenoah, BRCA, and various other large scale traders who will be trackside too.

2015 – Personnel Transponders & Race Timing.

Zenoah challenge cupThe Zenoah Challenge Cup will be being timed by an AMB decoder and timing software which will enable us to record your lap times and have them displayed trackside and live on the internet.
Our RC4 – decoder has had its firmware upgraded so it will detect all MYLAPs and AMB transponders even the 3 wire “Purcy”. It is highly unlikely that any other make of transponder will be detected.

For clarification on what personnel transponders will work then the following table should help –









For mounting instructions for the PT and timing system information see this link HERE

How to repair damaged wires on a PT then see this link HERE

Help wanted please!

Zenoah challenge cupWe are asking if anyone has any spare tables or trailing sockets and/or electrical extension cords that they don’t mind bringing to the event.

The tables will  ensure we have a suitable pit space as pilots will be pitting in the normal area and currently it’s occupied by an open space.

If you can bring any of the requested items, please email us at:-

bookingin at

We are also ask if pilots could buddy up and share space/ tool etc, to help each other out, as this years event looks like it maybe the most popular one yet.

Thank you.

Zenoah Challenge Cup Accommodation

Zenoah challenge cupJust a quick reminder that if anyone is going to the 2014 Zenoah Challenge Cup the Premier Inn Room Sale finishes this evening and currently both Harlow and Springfield’s (both about 12m from the venue) have rooms at £25 a night if you pay today, and remember they sleep two so could be cheap warm sleeping!

See link –