Welcome to the UK’s eighth in door large scale off road event to be held at the Harrogate Riding Centre which welcomes LSOR owners of all abilities to this 3 day fun race event.

Their are three classes of racing over the weekend with not only the top drivers having a chance of silverware but also those lower down the running ordered too, the four classes being raced are for 2 Wheel Drive Buggies (26cc Max), 4 Wheel Drive Buggies Including the DBXL (30cc Max), the Short Course (30cc max).

The three race days are anticipated to run (Actual times TBC nearer the event):-

Friday 14th February
AM – Booking In
PM  – Time practice heats with 10/11 vehicles out at a time and alternating every 10 minutes

Saturday 15th February
09:00 until 19:00 — Four rounds of timed qualification heats

Sunday 16th February
09.00 until 16:00 — Finals
16:00 – 16:30 — Track Breakdown
16:30 to 17:00 — Trophies (noting ferry departure time for our European drivers).

Booking In

Booking in will be available from Friday morning for onsite registration and number collection.

08:30 until 11:30

or see race control upon your arrival

08:00 until 08:30


Timing, Heats & Finals

The meeting will be run using MYRCM timing software and the AMB digital system capable of detecting AMB & MYLAP handout and personnel transponders including the RC4 Percy’s!

Like previous years ALL DRIVERS NEED TO HAVE A PT FITTED there will be no handout transponders available over the weekend.

Your best three consecutive laps from the timed practice heats will determine the seeding for the qualification heats in the first instance. Tweaks may be performed by the race organisers to keep the same ability drivers together.

The organisers will endeavour to have likeclass vehicles in the same heats, but it should be noted that to run an efficient meeting it may be felt that a mixed class heat is run containing drivers of the same ability.

Also to give all drivers the same experience of running on various surfaces during the weekend keep an eye on the heat order as it may shift round by round. Ie the first heat may not be the same heat of vehicles each round.

Round by round points scoring will be undertaken during the heats with the best 4 generating your overall  score and final grid position. Each round is scored 0 pts first place, 2 for second, 3 for third and so on.

Depending upon class entry levels either Single or double sided finals will be used during the weekends finals.

Double sided finals will use the odd numbered grid position drivers to make up one leg and the even numbered drivers the other leg. The top 5 from the semi finals will make the class main final and top 3 from all 1/8, 1/4 getting bumped up. The finals will be seeded in 7s down each leg so the first 7 odd numbered grid drivers make the A semi final and the first 7 even numbered drivers make the B semi final, the 8th to 14th drivers of a leg make the 1/4 finals and 15th  to the 25th driver the 1/8 final.

Single sided finals the finals use the top 7 grid drivers to make the A final and the next 7 drivers the b final and so on with the top 3 from all the semi, 1/4 finals getting bumped up.

A few simple house rules for the weekend

During your time at Harrogate Riding Centre participating in the Zenoah Challenge Cup could you please ensure that :-

• You attend the drivers briefing before going out onto the track

• You marshal the heat or final following your drive.

• No open or un-silent exhausts to be used

• All vehicles to adhere to the basic BRCA large scale requirements of no vehicle exceeding 30cc’s, 1m in length or 20kg in weight and does not have a metal bumper or wing.

• Any vehicle which appears to be excessively noisy will be asked to reduce the noise from their exhaust.

• All vehicles to have easy access to the engine cut off and an E sticker attached next to the button where possible

• No running of vehicle engines before 9am or after 6pm unless instructed to by the race director in the main arena

• No Rc vehicles are to be driven in the pits or car park. Power up your vehicle in the warm up table.

• The secure fitting and placement for correct working of the timing transponder is the responsibility of the driver, if laps are missed it is not the reasonability of the race organiser to make up lostmissing laps. The run stands as recorded by the timing gear.

• Enter the track as directed by the organisational team.

• No one under the age of 16 is to marshal, a deputy is to be found for an under 16 driver.

• No open shoes to be warn when marshalling.

• No open toed or soft shoes to be worn, strong stiff safety boots are recommended

• Feel free to wear gloves whilst marshalling.

• Whilst inside the main arena all personnel are to wear hi-viz jacketstops etc

• Whilst marshalling no drinking, smoking, videoing or us of your mobile phones.

• Make use of the safety barriers to ensure your marshal point is safe.

•Being a family sport, no foul language to be used whilst marshalling or on the rostrum.

• No vehicle to be repaired whilst on the track, it is to be returned to the trackside pit area and worked on from their, likewise no refuelling of vehicles once your heatfinals commence.

• No open fires.

• When driving in and out of the centre drive slowly and give pedestrians the right of way.

• Refrain from blocking the main entrance to the arena as racers will be coming and going throughout the meeting.

• Whilst we are onsite the livery yard will carry on its day to day business so please limit any excess noise.

• Refrain from walking around the track arena carrying alcohol, feel free to consume it in the public areas, the bar and cafe.

• Please leave no litter behind.

• If you are unsure about anything, please ask.

• If you can please spare us 10 minutes before you depart to help pack the meeting up it would be appreciated.

Please keep an eye on the time, the timing screen and listening to the PA as we will endeavour  to run to the timetable but changes may occur during the event and we will not wait for you to take your spot if you are missing.

Have a safe journey home and we hope you have enjoyed your weekend and we hope to see you back again in 2021 or at any of the LSOR tracks around the country if you wish to continue LS racing..