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Latest news from Harrogate

With just a couple of weeks to go I have had a long chat with the owners of the Harrogate Riding centre and their plans for the weekend.

Firstly, the café will be open from 6pm until 9pm on Thursday night offering hot food, then on Friday, Saturday and Sunday serving meals commencing with breakfasts from 7:30 (Friday slightly later), until 8/9pm with evening meals. Sunday of course they will close when racing finishes. Evening meals will be a selection of those listed 2019zccmenu and this is alongside the traditional burgers, chips etc and on Sunday there will be a carvery available so please make use of the services being offered by Drew and Clare.

Secondly, the bar will be open until midnight during the race weekend. Whilst you are free to wander around the facility we have been asked to not take any glassware into the two arenas and minimise its use whilst out doors to limit any potential injuries to the animals onsite.

As previously communicated you will be pitting in a dedicated arena alongside the race arena and overnight they will be locked. The pitting arena will have lights out around 8pm as due to the remoteness of the centre we are unable to have the shower and arena lights on concurrently. Whilst you are pitting and working on your cars can I request that you place a mat or something under your vehicle to catch any fallen parts as we need to minimise any potential harm to the animals who will be in the arena after us.

Due to the centre still needing to exercise those horses in the livery yard can I remind all dog owners to ensure their dogs are on a lead at all times and respect any rider who may be walking through the car park with their horse. Also those with children can I ask that you know where they are at all times since the venue will still be active whilst we are using their facilities.

In terms of car parking please park sensibly and respect any directions given as 2/3’s of the attendees are travelling daily to the venue.

A further email will be issued to all attendees soon.

Venue details are available here and directions too

I would like to wish all attendees a great race weekend and thank the Birtwistle family for allowing us to bring the Zenoah cup back and with your help respect their venue so we can continue our great event.


Just three weeks to go

In three weeks the 2019 Zenoah challenge cup will be drawing to a close with the main finals underway.

Currently we have 15 drivers in the 2 WD buggy class, 39 in the 4 WD buggy class and 37 in the Shortcourse class.

Like previous events all pilots will be pitting within a dedicate arena which is just yards away from the entry point into the 2019 race track.

Just like Essex can we remind all pilots to keep the pitting area, and the whole site clean and tidy.

Also pilots are reminded to bring your own pitting table and chairs etc.

All hotel rooms onsite are occupied for the duration of our race weekend


2019 Countdown continues

With just a month to go before the 2019 Zenoah challenge cup we thought we would give you sight of the banner to look out for when you are nearing the venue, look out once you reach the A658/A61/Burn Bridge Lane area, once spotted you will be minutes away.

Countdown continues

The organisers of this years meeting wish to confirm that there are a few places remaining, currently there are 86 drivers booked in as follows.


2 Wheel Drive Buggy Class –  14

4 Wheel Drive Buggy Class –  38 

Short Course Class – 34


We look forward to welcoming you to the 2019 Zenoah challenge cup in February