ZCC Lap Timing – PT’s required

The Zenoah Challenge Cup committee wish to announce that the timing system at the 2016 event will be the same as in use in 2015 and is MYLAPS RC4 “pure” compatible but unlike 2015 the organisers are unable to provide handout transponders following the loss of one at the 2015 event and they can no longer be purchased when they fail.


This means that those racers who wish to have their lap times recorded over the weekend need to ensure there vehicle is fitted with a personnel transponder (PT) and its number provided to the organisers.


For those considering purchasing a PT following this announcement, you need to be reminded that the decoder has been upgraded to RC4 “pure Percy” compatible but if you race at a local club who have not upgraded then don’t buy the 3 wire pure mylaps pt but the 2 wire hybrid or a more traditional red DP. Anyone using an MRT or another 3rd parties transponder then the ZCC timers will not guarantee your laps will be recorded correctly.




For confirmation anyone using an AMBMYLAPS transponder will have no issues with being detected by our decoder.


Zenoah Challenge Cup Committee